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Its official. I have gone ahead, made the phone call, and inactived

It isn’t really that big a deal. I was getting less than 100 unique hits a month, so its not like there were thousands of people breaking down my door to get to my content. Plus, I didn’t update it. Ever. It was one of those stagnant, unmoving wildebeast websites that live in the wild and foraged for themselves.

So, I went ahead and activated

I decided to do this for a couple of different reasons; I decided that “the dead girl” was just a vanity name, and that it no longer met my needs. Also, when contemplating a website from a business point of view, it just made more sense to name the damn thing after my own name.

Plus- and I NEVER, EVER thought I would say these words – WordPress is easier to use than all those other fancy, expensive websites out there. Those of you that had to suffer through my summer 2011 technology nervous breakdown when I tried to learn how to use WordPress will recall all of the curse words I used as I navigated the site. Oh well, live and learn.

So it shall be from now on. Trouble is, the old website is everywhere. It’s on postcards, business cards, social media sites, etc. Pardon me while I shut down for renovation. I’m going to need a Swiffer around here until all this dust settles…

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