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Blaming Schools Instead of Taxing Corporations

187532771953088417_O0wwaIa8_bDiane Ravitch is a well-respected historian of all things education. She is a Research Professor of Education at New York University, and she is on a mission to save Public Education in the United States of America.

Ravitch runs a prolific blog with the obvious name of Subscribers to this blog can count on receiving 5-10 posts a day in their email, with all content revolving around the state of public education and up-to-the-minute news on what is going on in the schools of America. The information is sometimes political, sometimes controversial, always informative, and unfailingly proactive towards teachers.

As a blogger, I would be comfortable sharing every single one of her posts on a daily basis – she is a voice of reason in a sea of educational insanity – but I don’t want to wear out my welcome. So on those days when I receive truly amazing posts that must be shared, I know that I will go ahead and do it. I can passionately declare my love and allegiance to education by spreading the word the old fashioned way.

I shall re-post a re-posting.

I think the title says it all: TeacherEd: Blaming Schools Instead of Taxing Corporations

Thanks for all you do, Diane. Sometimes it just feels like it’s you and me against the educational voucher world.

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