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Meet Appalachian Outlaw’s Mike Ross, the real life Daryl Dixon

He is handsome, with muscular arms, long hair, and excellent tracking skills. He is a redneck survivalist, fighting the poachers and trespassers with tomahawks and homemade land lines. He hides in the dark, crouching behind trees. Think that this is a description of Daryl Dixon, the fictitious archer from AMC’s The Walking Dead?

Think again. Read the article here to meet Mike Ross, star of The History Channel’s hit reality-based TV show Appalachian Outlaws.

Mike Ross is The History Channel's real life Daryl Dixon.

Mike Ross is The History Channel’s real life Daryl Dixon.

Nick Cave debuts new skateboard line with Fast Times

Nick Cave


Iconic Australian skateboarding company Fast Times and intense indie artist Nick Cave have collaborated to design a limited edition skateboard. The Fast Times X Nick Cave deck was inspired by… Follow the link to read the article

Spoiler alert: Although it appears that this particular skateboard is sold out, keep checking on the Fast Times website for future collaborations with Nick Cave!

Keep looking at the flowers, Chris

Has Talking Dead been cancelled?

Read this article to find out what is really happening with Chris Hardwick and the TWD gang

Just look at the flowers, Chris. Keep looking at the flowers.... Official AMC photo release

Just look at the flowers, Chris. Keep looking at the flowers….
Official AMC photo release

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