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I am, I’m asking you to quit.*

Powerful stuff here. Thank you, Oye Mundo, for speaking to the elephant in the room.

Oye Mundo

I am white.  I am female.  I was educated at a prestigious university, which included a minor in education.  In essence, I am riddled with privilege.  Do I belong in a classroom in a community of color to which I have no connection and of which I have no knowledge?  Absolutely not. Especially not after minimal training and no commitment to being there long term.  And neither should the countless Teach For America (TFA) corps members ‘teaching’ across the country, some of whom are my friends and peers.  I have tried broaching this subject with various people in the past, and am almost always met with resistance and anger, and for those who are close with someone who has done TFA, an edge of defensiveness.  How could I dare purport that all of these altruistic college graduates who are “giving up” two years of their precious time to teach low-income…

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