Why Examiner.com has jumped the shark

UPDATE: July 9, 2014 –

First of all, let me just say that I am really surprised that I have not been contacted by any other Examiner.com writers since publishing this post two weeks ago. Where are all of you? Am I the only one mad about the recent changes at the online magazine?

I’m adding a few more tags to see if this makes a difference to the various search engines.

Also, I have earned a grand total of $3.35 this month. That is several hundred dollars less than I am used to. Please let me know if there are any others of you out there experiencing the same problem.

I think it’s time to break up with Examiner.com.

In the past three years, I have faithfully maintained my Examiner.com account. My two bylines are the Charlotte Books Examiner and the Norman Reedus National Examiner, and I write an average of 4-5 articles a month. I like doing it, and it made me happy to write articles about Norman Reedus and get paid for it. People like to use words that they were ‘hired’ by Examiner.com, or that they were ‘employed’ by Examiner.com – but c’mon. Any fool in their right mind understands that this is just a freelance, do-it-or-not gig. You write articles, they ppv. Once a month, you get paid.

How hard is that?

To be perfectly transparent, I earned enough from Examiner.com to receive a 1099 Form for my taxes for the past two years – this means that for 2012 and 2013, I earned more than $600 from them. For the past year, my monthly earnings have steadily increased, to the point where I could use my earnings to pay off both my gas and electricity bill each month.

All in all, I considered my little newspaper column to be a hobby that earned a nice, healthy stipend every month. It was fun to write, and I enjoyed the task.

That is, until May 2014, when everything changed.

In January 2014, Examiner.com was acquired by AXS. According to their own publicity, the entertainment website AXS was developed and operated by AEG, one of the ‘leading sports and entertainment presenters in the world’, whatever that means.

In May 2014, the BIG SWITCH happened.

A few preferred Examiner writers, those writing in the fields of entertainment, music, and TV, were migrated to the AXS Examiner website. Everyone else (including me) were left to languish on the dusty tumbleweeds of the old Examiner platform. Not only was I insulted, I was also no longer earning any money.

Instead of the several hundred dollars per month that I was used to earning, I found myself trapped in the hinterlands of earning a tiny pittance per month for all my written work. As of this writing, I have barely made $10.00 this month – ridiculous. Even though they will not admit it, Examiner.com has changed their platform and how their newsfeeds are being fed up into the wild wild world of search engines. I have been lost in the newsfeed shuffle.

I searched the internet for information or blogs or Facebook pages to join which offer rants and raves against Examiner — but there are none. Poof. Pitiful.

So I’m going to just sit back and wait and see if the situation becomes intolerable. Things change all the time, so we’ll see if this a temporary blip or a longterm problem.

Am I alone in this? Is there anybody else out there who is as disgusted as I am about the situation? If you’re out there, let me know. I would love to bitch and moan with you about the situation!

About S.L. Schmitz

S.L. Schmitz lives in Indian Trail, NC with her husband and son. There is an ever-changing menagerie of cats who graciously allow the family to share the house with them. In addition to reading and writing, she enjoys scrapbooking, drinking martinis, and making snarky comments about a variety of topics. Feel free to email her at thedeadgirl25(at)yahoo(dot)com

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  1. Just found this old post while I was searching for answers – I was writing for AXS.com and earning just under $100 a month for (very) part-time work. No issues, no complaints, and everything went fine for almost a year. In September, suddenly I couldn’t access the site. I had to send NINE support requests, emails, and tweets before someone got back to me. Apparently I’m not “required” to write for them any more. Very dodgy. I suspect my recent increase in writing per week has led them to decide I’m too expensive for them now.

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