David Bowie Alive and Well (for now)

Everyone take a deep breath – David Bowie has been spotted walking down the streets of New York on October 18,2012.

He was not a hologram, or a ghost, or even a 4D version of himself. It was really him, the original Thin White Duke, looking reasonably healthy and unencumbered in a plain blue hoodie and beret.

There was no evidence that he was making an escape attempt from the clutches of that Home Shopping Network vixen Iman, nor did it appear that he was dragging a heart monitor or IV behind him. Looking well-nourished, but sporting a bit of an old man’s  chin wattle (this is one celebrity who does not beleive in plastic surgery or botox), Bowie still looks good.

Let’s face it – Ziggy Stardust was the one and only vampire who will ever be allowed to sparkle.

Glad to see him out and about. Just wish he would use some of those magic powers and give a new interview or travel the talk show circuit. A novel would be good, too. Bet he has a lot of great stories to tell – and I’m not talking autobiography, either.

About S.L. Schmitz

S.L. Schmitz lives in Indian Trail, NC with her husband and son. There is an ever-changing menagerie of cats who graciously allow the family to share the house with them. In addition to reading and writing, she enjoys scrapbooking, drinking martinis, and making snarky comments about a variety of topics. Feel free to email her at thedeadgirl25(at)yahoo(dot)com

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