Summer time

With my son, known around here as the Big Bopper, at Camp Grandma for the next few weeks, I am blissfully able to write all day, every day.

I have 5 different short stories and novellas all in various stages of completion. Two of them require a LOT of research, and I spend hours trying to unravel big scientific words about the International Space Station and golems (not in the same context, mind you).

My husband is not a teacher, and therefore does not have eight weeks off like I do. In between resentful snarky remarks involving housework and meal preparation (or lack thereof) he just kinda lets me do my own thing. His requests tend to revolve around asking me not to start cocktail hour until after 4:00pm and following up to make sure I paid the mortgage on time.

So my days are pretty quiet. Wake up whenever, drink coffee, sit on sofa and write. Eat food (today I had a bowl of vegetable soup and some marshmallows) and drink lots of white wine. Go to bed really late, usually after reading a book or watching a bad horror movie on cable. Repeat every day, as needed.

My goal is to finish all of these works in progress by the end of summer, as well as put a business plan in place for the new publishing adventure, Andromeda Eve.

Did I mention I have been transferred to a new middle school in the fall? It’s a good thing. Life as a Special Education teacher is always a study in patience and flexibility – and that’s just with my coworkers, not the kids. I will give public education another few years to get its act together before I throw up my hands and roll my eyes at the self-induced chaos and find something new to do with myself.

I’m going to try to be more faithful to this blog, as well. I’m not promising great words of wisdom, or advice on becoming a best-selling author, or any crap like that. There are lots of people out there already doing that, and doing it much better then I could ever muster.

So I’ll chat about little things that came up this year, like Savannah, GA and paranormal activities, and entities called “hags”, and movies and books and people I meet and things I think about.  And you, dear reader, are encouraged to comment and share and interact however you see fit.

Sound fair? Good. Comment below, and win a free goldfish.



About S.L. Schmitz

S.L. Schmitz lives in Indian Trail, NC with her husband and son. There is an ever-changing menagerie of cats who graciously allow the family to share the house with them. In addition to reading and writing, she enjoys scrapbooking, drinking martinis, and making snarky comments about a variety of topics. Feel free to email her at thedeadgirl25(at)yahoo(dot)com

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