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There will always be a Light under the door.

It will shine brightly, waiting to be recognized and cherished. You see, I have a weakness. There are too many Februarys, despite the bits of rose petals and crystallized sugars woven into the layers of my hair.

How many times have I stood before this door, admiring the cracks in the walls where exposed tree roots wind around the chandelier, climb the staircase like a trellis. I have become a part of the sprawl, ankles and wrists bound and burdened by false tomorrows.

It just breathes through me, this Light, pulsing in prismatic heartbeats. I could touch it with my toes, but… it could break away, shatter, ride a wave to another horizon. I couldn’t bear to lose it, this elusive promise of jeweled solvency.

The Light will always shine under this door, beckoning me, and I know I can never follow it. In order to believe that it will never go away, I must deny it deep into the Nairobi night.

How to destroy a publishing company

On February 1, 2012 I made the announcement on my Facebook page and twitter account that I have parted ways with Trestle Press Publishing.

At my request, my serialized novel Mina’s Daughter: The Harker Chronicles was removed from Trestle Press, and is no longer available for purchase on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

In addition, I have been able to contact Liliana Sanches, the artist whose artwork had been stolen by Trestle Press and used without permission on the cover of my novel. Ms. Sanches is an amazing artist, and a gracious person. She does not blame me for the stolen artwork, and I have gone ahead and made provisions to pay her a licensing fee as restitution, even though I am not the one to blame.

Mina’s Daughter: The Harker Chronicles will be re-issued as a completed novel. Stay tuned for more details.

For more information on this situation, visit my column.

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